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Miércoles 2 de Noviembre de 2011
"Shale Gas Awards" Warsaw, Poland, January 19, Tables still available!
The first annual “Shale Gas Awards” gala and awards ceremony will take place in Warsaw, Poland on January 19, 2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel. In recognition of Poland’s importance in the shale gas sector and the people developing the sector, Petroleum Club cordially invites you to the beautiful grand ballroom located within the exclusive hotel.
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Martes 12 de Octubre de 2010
Global Gas Trading & Technology international conference and exhibition
“We live in very challenging times in the gas world where everything seems to be radically shifting,” says Conference Executive Committee Chairman, Paul C Young, Chief Marketing Officer of Exmar. “One such example is obviously the US going from a projected massive LNG importer, to current stagnation, and now emerging as a possible gas exporter. Bearing in mind the regional existing powerhouses of Japan and Korea, and the rapidly emerging Chinese and Indian markets, the Global Gas 2011 conference is an event that gas industry participants cannot afford to miss, as it will offer invaluable insight into our rapidly moving gas world.
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