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 Search for right energy mix includes ongoing conventional sources as well as alternatives, WEC Montreal 2010 told Search for right energy mix includes ongoing conventional sources as well as alternatives, WEC Montreal 2010 told
Montreal, September 14, 2010

 Miércoles 15 de Septiembre de 2010

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The round table of five industry experts, chaired by Fatih Birol, Chief Economist and Director of the International Energy Agency, discussed the energy mix prospects and concurred that a hard reassessment of the various alternative energy sources is needed to realistically project how much each can contribute to the mix, and how quickly.

The group discussed major, conventional sources of energy, including the potential of coal to remain a leading source of energy to produce electrical energy, and to do so in an environmentally friendly way.

Despite its impact on the environment, coal will continue to play a major role in the development of India's economy. Noting that 54% of India's energy requirements are generated by coal, Vinay Kumar Singh, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Northern Coalfields Ltd., India, said India's position as the fastest-growing economy in the world is due to its huge coal reserves. "Other resources have volatile prices, whereas coal in India is priced at 50% less than the world price, he noted.

India will require 1,000 million tonnes of coal by 2030 to improve its standard of living and both government and industry are looking for clean mining technology to lessen coal's impact on the environment.

"Coal mining has to be done on a sustainable and environmental basis. With the growing demand for coal, environmental issues will go a long way in sustaining mining operations in India," Singh concluded.

While Korea is expanding both its coal and nuclear generation, its nuclear power capacity will increase from the current 28% of power generation to 42% by 2030, according to Ssang-Su Kim, President and CEO, KEPCO, Republic of Korea.

"Nuclear energy is not the only solution for the reduction of CO2 emissions, but nuclear power offers an attractive alternative (to other energy sources). In Korea, we will have no problem operating nuclear power stations safely for the next 30 years," said Kim.

For European utilities, the starting point is more challenging than in India or Quebec. "If we think about future energy mix, it is all about politics. Utilities can only achieve this if society wants it," according to Leonhard Birnbaum, Chief Strategy Officer, RWE AG, Germany. Policies need to be consistent which is not the case currently. Capacity is being added, that doesn't make any sense. But it is being added because it is opportunistic for the parties involved to develop this capacity, Birnbaum added.

Government is not the right entity to make resource allocation at a detailed level. Leave it to the market to work it out "Expanding the energy mix is still a great idea and we believe this is the only thing that achieves acceptable emission-reduction targets. However, in Europe we now have a number of committees, regulators, politics, all working in an inconsistent environment. There is no consistency in the approach. We are achieving emission reductions in Europe at a much higher cost than I think is necessary.

"We need to get the highest return from investment. We have lots of regulation that is trying to produce energy efficiency, but we have to be sure we can achieve the highest returns from this. However, we don't have the power grids and don't have the regulation in place to build these grids and add to them," noted Birnbaum.

There is no silver bullet that can address all the constraints in the power generation field, according to Patrick Kron, Chief Executive Officer, Alstom, France. To address constraints, there are two routes to consider, namely: Portfolio of energy selections

XXIst World Energy Congress Montreal 2010
Montreal is a very unique location, an open door to North and Latin American markets, with a European flavour. The Congress participants will discover a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a charming European touch as well as very hospitable English and Fren

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