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World Energy Council roadmap towards a global sustainable development
Peter Leupp, Global Head, Power Systems Divison, and Member, Group Executive Committee, ABB, Switzerland

Montreal, 14 September 2010.- To contribute effectively to global sustainable development, the stakeholders of the energy sector share the goal of improving standards of living and quality of environment. They address climate challenges by managing the complexity and uncertainties of environmental factors; they assess the potential impact of policies on the everyday life of people; they are strongly committed to responding to energy poverty, and assuming their responsibility in managing technological risks. Taking up these vital challenges is paving the way to sustainable energy and defines the World Energy Council

 Martes 14 de Septiembre de 2010

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Addressing climate change challenges
The climate framework has been ranked as top critical uncertainty on the World Energy Council

XXIst World Energy Congress Montreal 2010
Montreal is a very unique location, an open door to North and Latin American markets, with a European flavour. The Congress participants will discover a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a charming European touch as well as very hospitable English and Fren

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